Let’s Fall in Love for the Last Time

It’s murder on the dance floor…

Rachel finds herself in 1934, where she must help Charlie stage a concert featuring renowned Jewish crooner Benny Orphan and an all-black swing orchestra.

But Danny is there too, seemingly intent on sabotaging things. And a group of murderous Blackshirts are determined to make sure the concert doesn’t happen.

As swing fans, nazis, communists and time travellers do battle on the dance floor, Rachel finds that it’s not always clear who’s an ally and who’s an enemy. Especially when disturbing new powers emerging from both her and Danny threaten to tear the city apart.

A gripping tale of love versus hate in the Depression, set to a backdrop of beautiful swing tunes.

Touchstone (5. Let’s Fall in Love for the Last Time) continues the time travel saga exploring the city of Birmingham through a century of change.

This 70,000-word novel is the fifth part of the Touchstone story – a self-contained adventure set in 1934.

LENGTH: 70,000 words / 330 pages

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Reader comments

“The plot is definitely thickening. Over the course of the 5 books, with the brilliant slight diversion of book 4, I have fallen deeper and deeper into the story of Rachel and Danny and the stories of the people around them. Supposedly written for teenagers, me being slightly older, (40’s) I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for #6.”

“I am by far a huge fan of anything time travel related, and this series of time travel books had me hooked from book number one. It’s a series where you finish the first book and you’re immediately signing back onto Amazon to find book 2, 3 and onwards. A totally enjoyable read and hoping there are more to come.”

“Waited, waited, waited and waited for this. Now read it. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one. Also looking forward to the spin off sequels. Amazing story.”

“What a find! I have never read anything by Andy Conway before — but I’m now hooked! Not only was the story thoroughly enjoyable, it was also very thought provoking. Andy Conway certainly makes you think about how ordinary people lived and how their values and belief systems have changed so dramatically over the past 100 years. I can’t wait for number 6 in the series! My only disappointment is that I know it will be the last one!!”

“Back and forth. This saga just draws you in. Some questions are answered, but new questions arise. A very thought provoking book. I cannot wait to start reading Touchstone 6!”

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