Until the End of Time

Book cover of Until the End of TimeThe epic time travel saga reaches its thrilling endgame…

Rachel Hines is back, desperately trying to live a normal life, but haunted by her past adventures and a voice that calls to her from beyond time.

A voice that calls for help.

Veronica Wethers disappeared years ago at the site of the old Kings Heath station. To rescue her, Rachel must gather a misfit band of time travellers before the station is rebuilt and the portal sealed forever.

With a gang of conspiracy theorists hot on their trail – her own father among them – they must enter the trap that once ensnared Rachel herself and face a dark enemy thought banished forever…

In a gripping climax, Rachel and her ragbag team do battle with ghosts out of time before the chimes of midnight sound and all is lost.

But just what is the secret of the station at the end of time?

Who is the mysterious unknown soldier that haunts the platform?

And what hidden history is key to unlocking this mystery?

A dizzying, mind-bending battle with time itself, Until the End of Time brings the second season of the Touchstone time travel saga to its spine-tingling conclusion.


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