Touchstone Third Collection: Season Two, Books 4-6

Box set imageGustav Mahler, Alma Mahler, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington and Charles Dickens star in the final instalments of the hit time travel historical fantasy saga.

“Extraordinary, riveting, wonderful!”

From the icy sidewalks of New York to the snow-bound streets of Birmingham, England, the Touchstone saga reaches its thrilling endgame as the dark secret of the station at the end of time is finally revealed.

“Really enjoyed this whole series. Well written and exciting!”

This eBook Box Set (comprising over 200,000 words and 900 pages in the original paperback editions) collects the final three novels of Touchstone Season 2 and the Origins short story The Reluctant Time Traveller.

“Enthralling. A good read and a great ending to the series.”

This collection contains the following titles:
1. Unfinished Sympathy [1908]
2. The Ghosts of Christmas Past [1842]
3. The Reluctant Time Traveller [2013]
4. Until the End of Time [*]

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