Touchstone is the bestselling time travel historical fantasy series of novels set largely in the city of Birmingham, UK, with occasional forays to America and even as far afield as Wales.

It started with a girl lost in time. Rachel Hines fell through decades of her city’s dark past and fought to mend her broken timeline with the help and hindrance of a mysterious cabal of time travellers.

Following the first six books (collected as Touchstone Season 1 in the number 1 bestseller box set) Touchstone Season 2 went on to explore the fates of other characters like arrogant posh boy Danny Pearce, dark anti-heroine Kath Bright, empath Raheem ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, and the mysterious Mrs Hudson,  more and more including in its pages real historical figures like Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack the Ripper, Sitting Bull, General Custer, Buffalo Bill, Gustav Mahler, Duke Ellington, Charles Dickens, the original Peaky Blinders and lesser known figures from Birmingham’s past like firebrand Labour MP Percy Shurmer and the Kings Heath inventor of Cluedo, Anthony Pratt.

As the second season moves towards its conclusion in 2020, a set of prequel stories are now being released under the Touchstone Origins banner, revealing how our band of time travelling heroes and villains first slipped through time.