Station at the End of Time

A haunted train station in 1959, a freight train with a mysterious cargo and a young woman determined to throw herself in front of it…

Rachel miraculously finds herself back at home in the present with her father but suffering a recurring nightmare of being trapped on Kings Heath station in 1959, trying to prevent her maternal grandmother, Deirdre Foster, committing suicide.

As more and more characters from her time-travelling past intrude on both her too perfect waking world and her nightmares, she begins to wonder which world is real… leading to a terrifying battle to hold onto her own sanity.

This 41,000-word novel is the fourth part of the Touchstone story – a self-contained adventure set in 1959.

LENGTH: 41,000 words / 226 pages

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Reader comments

“Another excellent episode. Touchstone 4 is very different from the previous three. However I found it even harder to put down, wanting to read the next chapter and understanding what was happening and when. Now I have finished it, I am desperate to read Touchstone 5!”

“It’s impossible to take a break between reading the books in this series – as soon as I finish one, I’ve had to jump straight into the next. This instalment is good, but also very weird. Unsure of what’s real any more, Rachel finds herself heading deeper and deeper in to a whole world of crazy, and finds herself repeating the same day whenever she heads to the past. You may want to read this one a bit slower to take it all in – it does get confusing towards the end. Throughout this series, I’ve found myself reminded of other time-travel stories, mainly from TV and film. I don’t think this is a bad thing, as I love those too, but I can see ideas from Life on Mars, and The Butterfly Effect for example. So far, I’ve really enjoyed this series – and when I started the first book I wasn’t sure I would. My favourites so far seem to be the even numbered books, so although I’m currently on book 5, I can’t wait for the final book 6 🙂 Go, read this series.”

“A cracking, spooky read with some great twists… oozes atmosphere, reminiscent of old TV shows like Sapphire and Steel or the Twilight Zone… As ever, it’s a cracking read which never really stops for breath, exactly like the freight train bearing down on the protagonist’s grandmother… also comes with a bonus short story which is a real head-wrecker.”

“Best one yet. I really love this series of books and this is the most gripping yet. Although not familiar with Birmingham it is still fascinating to hear of the old Kings Heath station and the images it creates in my mind. Also take the time to read the short article at the end.”

“This was a good read, enjoyed the whole series.”

“Just read Touchstone 1-4 in one sitting. Unfortunately, I have now time-travelled up to your writing speed. Looking forward to Touchstone 5.”


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