All the Time in the World

Baby, baby, baby… you’re out of time…

Rachel, lost and alone in 2012, travels back to 1966 to repair her lost timeline with the help of Charlie, now 50 years old but still in love with her.

Continuing the adventures of Rachel and Danny, a pair of mismatched History students who stumble upon an old gravestone that catapults them back in time.

The Swinging Sixties are in full flow, Birmingham is being rebuilt and England are hosting the football World Cup.

The temptation to stay there and live with Charlie is overwhelming, but Danny is there too, and the World Cup betting sting he’s carrying out on the city’s bookies brings them all to the attention of a local gangster, a corrupt politician, a cop with a grudge and a cabal of mysterious time travellers who are determined to prevent the past being changed.

In the end it’s hard to care about correcting the past when you’re in danger of becoming the foundations for a new high rise.

Touchstone explores a city’s dark past: a gritty world of real danger where every action has an unforeseen consequence that can ripple through generations.

This 53,000-word novel is the third part of the Touchstone story – a self-contained adventure set during the Swinging Sixties.

LENGTH: 53,000 words / 236 pages

WARNING. Touchstone is suitable for ages 14+

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Reader comments on Touchstone parts 1 and 2

“I’ve read all three of the Touchstone stories now and each brings the period, in this case the sixties, to life. He turned my preconceptions of the swinging sixties upside down a couple of times.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this series. So many twists and turns, just when I think I’ve sussed out what’s happening, there’s another twist and I was wrong. As soon as I’ve finished one book I instantly downloaded the next – but, arrrgggghhh! Andy is still writing No.6. How am I going to wait? Should be out this month though so I’ve had to go on the mailing list and wait like everyone else. Anyway, the point I’m making is that this is an incredible story. If, like me, you love time travel novels, you’ll love this. I’m a sucker for history novels and time travel, so this is perfect for me.

“As per the previous two in this series, it is an interesting concept and is developing the story nicely with obviously more time eras to come with all the central characters and now this new introduction of some sort of monitoring team. Who are they? What is their function? I’ll need to keep reading the series now I’m hooked.”

“Enjoyable storyline giving a bit of an insight into people and life during these times. Some historical events creatively written.”

“I really enjoyed Touchstone 1 and 2 so much that today while in Birmingham I went to Moseley village to see if the place were real. Thank you for writing the books…”

“Loved this one… I got so engrossed in it that I lost track of time completely (excuse the pun) and finished this in three to four days! Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good time travel tale.” 

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