Ghosts on the Moor

A chilling short story (55 pages), which links to the Touchstone Origins tale, The ghosts of Paradise Place.

Three women – Liz, Zara and Sian – spend Christmas in a remote cottage on Dartmoor to escape problems at home, but a Christmas Eve hike across the moor turns tragic as old ghosts return for vengeance…

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Reader comments

“A very spooky short story! Having read and thoroughly enjoyed a lot of Andy Conway’s other work, I expected that I would enjoy this one too… and I wasn’t disappointed. A very good short tale with some excellent twists and turns!”

“A ghost story set on Dartmoor at Christmastime. What a spine-tinglingly perfect setting for a ghost story. Three friends, Zara, Liz and Sian rent a cottage in a Dartmoor village to spend Christmas together, a mixture of country pubs and moorland hikes. Things don’t quite go to plan however…  The three women with a complicated past could take the book into a dreary (for me) chicklit direction, but it actually gives the ghost story its bite. It might arguably be described as a present-day M.R. James as thoroughly malevolent ghosts wreak havoc on our heroines.  The Christmassy High Street in Totnes was nicely described, though I didn’t quite get the feel of a brooding wintry Dartmoor, but in the space available it’s a cracking little ghost story.”

NOT to be read at bedtime! Glad I read this in the morning – at least I got my sleep in first. I shall think twice about going to Devon again!”

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