Fade to Grey

“I have discovered that there is such a thing as a sad ending which is also a happy ending.”

The epic time travel series lands in 1980 to the sound of synthesizers, clouds of dry ice and the smell of cheap perfume.

Rachel makes a final journey to the past to make sure her mother, Lorna Foster, and father, Martyn Hines, have their fateful first kiss at a sweaty Ultravox gig in 1980. But Esther Parker is also making a play for Martyn, and if their romance is kindled, Rachel will never be born.

She’s also up against Danny and Kath, two enemies with growing superpowers, and Rachel’s own disturbing inner fire threatens to cut her off from her old life forever.

Can she be the simple village girl she longs to be, or must she accept that she might be a goddess?

It’s all set for an epic battle with destiny, both ends burning.

“A great series and a fine final episode probably the best yet and by far the longest. Can’t wait for series two, I am going to miss going to bed with this book at night!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole Touchstone series and I have to say I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one, the last in the series. I wasn’t disappointed in any way! Absolutely superb! If you haven’t read this series yet – you simply must! Go and download Touchstone 1. The Sins of the Fathers – but beware – you will be hooked!!”

“This series has had me hooked from start to finish. I’m sad it’s ended but glad it’s not the end. I’m now looking forward to the next season. It’s a magnificent story…”

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