The Very Thought of You

What happens when you fall in love with a woman who died before you were born?

The Very Thought of You is a timeslip ghost story novella about a young man’s obsession with Amy, the dead wife of an old man he visits.

Community visitor Jez is assigned Harold, a cantankerous old codger who takes a venomous delight in confrontation and lives in a house that is falling down around him. But when Jez starts to see Amy’s ghost and finds himself propelled into the house’s secret past, his obsession with her threatens his hold on the present.

The Very Thought of You is a moving, evocative meditation on love and betrayal and the persistence of memory.

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Reader comments

“A sad story about loss and longing, with a very harsh sting in its tale. Andy Conway at his finest. Such a wonderful story teller… the story is brilliant. I am undoubtedly a fan of this amazing author. He sets my imagination on fire.”

‘The Very Thought of You’ was my first read of Andy Conway’s. Frankly, it was inexpensive, and sounded intriguing so I bought the e-book. What a wonderful surprise awaited me, I couldn’t put it down. The relationship between the two men of different generations was clearly defined and went from mistrust to a kind of kinship. Then of course there’s the hauningly mysterious lady… is she a ghost, a figment of his imagination, why does he only see her sometimes? Hmmm! Buy the book and find out!!! But be prepared for a stellar ending! My only complaint about this read… Not long enough… Please Mr. Conway, could we have some more sir:-)

“I am quite a fan of suspense, mystery, intrigue and supernatural elements in stories, and this delivers on all aspects… I couldn’t put it down! Finished it in almost one sitting.”

“I can totally believe the premise of this story. A nursing home patient of mine, had a picture of her husband on the wall of her room. Dressed in the highly starched collar of the 30’s, his quiet gaze into her room gave visitors a glimpse of what their life might have been. In not wanting to give away any spoilers, Mr. Conway tells an interesting story, that has a surprise at the end. Something I didn’t expect, but which always intrigues me when it happens.”



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